• Drainage Control Monitor, 3 x 100-240V - DCM 01-2110-20


Drainage Control Monitor, 3 x 100-240V - DCM 01-2110-20




The DCM Drainage Control provides cost-effective, highly-reliable electronic monitoring and control of submersible pump applications. The DCM is an excellent alternative to unreliable floats and costly ultrasonic sensors.

Key Features

  • No maintenance costs; Unlike competing technologies, the DCM is a highly reliable, maintenance free device.
  • Automatic pump control; The DCM automatically adjusts pump run times based on motor load.
  • Lower installation costs; The DCM allows for affordable installation, by eliminating at least 3 water-level detectors.
  • Voltage range: 3 x 100-690V (see appropriate models)
  • Current range: 0.4 - 999A

Control and monitor your submersible pumps

The Emotron DCM automatically adjusts pump operation to water flow, without external water level sensors. It also prevents dry-running and other damage, reducing maintenance and downtime. Typical applications are drainage on construction sites, in quarries, and mines.

When a submersible pump starts to draw air because of a lack of water, the DCM immediately stops the pump, and then restarts it when there is water again. Pump operation is adapted to water flow, minimizing energy and maintenance costs. In tough conditions, such as those found in mining applications, water level sensors cannot be used. The Emotron DCM offers reliable monitoring also in these cases, since it uses the pump motor as its own sensor.



    Product Series/Model # 01-2110-20
    Input Voltage 3 x 100-240V
    Rated Current Up to 999A via current transformer
    Enclosure Rating NEMA 0 / IP20
    Weight (lbs.) 0.9
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.6 x 1.8 x 4.5 in.
    Approvals CE, UL, cUL




    A number of options let you customize the Emotron DCM functionality and fully utilize the product according to your needs. Options can be added to your shopping cart at the top of this page.


    CTM Current TransducerCTM Current Transducer
     - One CTM Current Transducer is required for each DCM Drainage Control Monitor. Models are available for applications up to 999A. 


    Front Panel Mount Kit
     - Option for installing the DCM Drainage Control Monitor in the face of a panel.


    MCC Panel Kit
     - Option for installing the DCM Drainage Control Monitor in the face of a panel. Ideal for installations where the interior of a panel does not offer sufficient space for a DCM installation.


    NEMA 4X Enclosure
     - Option typically used when there is insufficient space within the motor starter panel to house the DCM or when the unit is to be mounted at or near the monitored application.



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