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100VA, Enclosed Transformer, 0.83/0.42A, 240x480, 120x240, FS100MQMJ




General Purpose Enclosed Transformer

HPS Fusion


The HPS Fusion line of enclosed transformers are an indoor, cost-effective approach ideally suited for single-phase, general purpose industrial and light duty loads.

Designed specifically for applications such as: general purpose enclosed applications used to adjust a supply voltage to match a load requirement, supplying motor control circuits, signal and alarm systems, industrial lighting and circuit isolation and HVAC applications.

The HPS Fusion general purpose transformer is enclosed in a TYPE 1 enclosure allowing for easy mounting and installation via four mounting slots and two keyhole slots. Easy access to primary and secondary wiring compartment through removable covers; which are molded terminal blocks on units up to 3000 VA and coil face terminations on units over 3000 VA.


Key Features

  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Molded terminal blocks for primary and secondary connections
  • From 50 VA up to 3000 VA or 30 amps
  • Coil face terminations over 3000 VA or 30 amps
  • All terminal blocks utilize a combination slot/Phillips #6 screw with a SEMS washer
  • Coil face terminations utilize a 1/4 - 20 UNC x 0.50" screw and a spring lock washer
  • 10 standard voltage groups
  • 50/60 Hz (60 Hz on FS***ACP and FS***AR)
  • CSA certified, UL listed, CE marked and RoHS compliant
  • Rugged type 1 enclosure
  • Primary and secondary ground screws
  • Four wiring and accessory knockouts
  • Custom sizes, ratings and styles available upon request




    Product Series/Model # FS100MQMJ
    Output Amps 0.83/0.42A
    VA Rating 100
    CE VA Rating 100
    Primary Voltage 240V x 480V
    Secondary Voltage 120V x 240V
    Enclosure Rating Type 1
    Weight (lbs.) 3.9
    Overall Dimensions (A x B x C) 3.09 x 6.3 x 3.6 in. (please refer to the 'Dimensions' tab')
    Mounting Centers (D x E) 2.05 x 3.5 in. (please refer to the 'Dimensions' tab')
    Mounting Slot (G x H) 0.22 x 0.44 in. (please refer to the 'Dimensions' tab')
    Approvals CSA, UL, CE, RoHS




    Please use the following diagram of the Fusion Enclosed Transformer as a reference for the Dimensions listed in the 'Specifications' tab on this page.

    Fusion Transformer Diagram


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