• 350HP Soft Starter, 230V, 3 Phase - MSF-835
  • 350HP Soft Starter, 230V, 3 Phase - MSF-835

Emotron, Heavy Duty Rating

350HP Soft Starter, 230V, 3 Phase - MSF-835




The Emotron MSF 2.0 Soft Start offers optimized start and stop sequences, advanced braking techniques and built-in monitor functionality. The MSF is developed for pump, fan, compressor, blower, crusher, mill, mixer, and saw applications.

Key Features

  • Torque ramp starting and stopping
  • Torque ramp with current limit
  • Built-in M20 Shaft Power Monitor
  • Jog forward and jog reverse
  • Motor braking
  • Four parameter sets
  • Supply monitoring and protection
  • Full voltage (emergency) start
  • Pump application software
  • Multiple parameter digital readouts

Heavy Duty Rating:

  • Start current = 5 x Inom
  • Start time = 15s for frame size 1. 30s for frame size 2-4.
  • 10 starts/hr.



Product Series/Model # MSF-835
Input Voltage 3 x 230V
Output 3-Phase Output
Horsepower 350HP
Enclosure Rating NEMA 0 / IP20
Weight (lbs.) 176
Dimensions (H x W x D) 27 x 25.2 x 11.9 in.
Approvals CE, UL, DNV, GOST R




A number of options let you customize the Emotron MSF 2.0 functionality and fully utilize the product according to your needs. Options can be added to your shopping cart at the top of this page.


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