• FaraMag™ FM500 mag meter, 20"
  • FaraMag™ FM500 mag meter, 20"
  • FaraMag™ FM500 mag meter, 20"

H2flow Controls, Inc.

FaraMag™ FM500 mag meter, 20"




The FaraMag™ series of flow meters from H2flow Controls use the electromagnetic principle to measure the flow of conductive liquids. There are no moving parts in contact with the liquid, meaning the flow meter isn’t affected by any solid particles that may pass through the pipe, and there is no resulting pressure drop. The result? With FaraMag™ you will always Know the Flow™!

The FaraMag™ FM500 series mag meter is suitable for a wide range of applications - such as those commonly found in water & wastewater, oil & gas, process manufacturing, aggregate, and pharmaceutical industries, where liquids with a conductivity of ≥10µs/cm are found.


Key Features

    • High quality, carbon steel construction
    • Covers a flow range of 0.33 to 32.8 ft/s in both directions
    • Capable of measuring conductive liquids ≥10µs/cm
    • A large, user-friendly digital display with intuitive controls
    • Compact and remote versions available
    • Long operating life
    • Ability to select preferred unit of measurement: GPM, LPM, m3/h
    • Available for 0.5-inch to 40-inch pipe diameters, with larger sizes available upon request
    • Pressure rated for 145 psi to 232 psi
    • Available with ANSI or optional DIN flanges
    • Flow range: 0.29 - 124,425 GPM
    • Accuracy: 1.64 - 32.8 ft/s: ±0.25%; 0.33 - 1.64 ft/s: ±1%
    • Various communication options including: HART, RS232, RS485, M-BUS, SMS



    • Typically ships in 3-5 weeks.




Diameter 20-inch
Series Diameter Range 0.5"-40" (larger diameter units available upon request)
Pressure Rating 145 psi (PN10) and 232 psi (PN16); 363 psi (PN25) and 580 psi (PN40) on request
Piping Connection ANSI Flanges (DIN 2633 optional)
Body Material Carbon Steel
Inner Liner Hard Rubber (PTFE optional)
Measuring Electrodes 4 electrodes: x2 main / x1 empty pipe detection / x1 ground material: AISI 316L stainless steel (Hastelloy optional)
Flow Range 0.29 - 124,425 GPM (refer to product literature for data specific to individual models)
Accuracy ±0.25% of the measured value from 1.64 - 32.8 ft/s; ±1.0% of the measured value from 0.33 - 1.64 ft/s
Storage Temperature 32 - 113°F (0 - 45°C)
Working Temperature 14 - 194°F (-10 - 90°C) for Hard Rubber lining; -22 - 302°F (-30 - 150°C) for PTFE lining
Voltage 230VAC (standard); 12/24 VAC/VDC (optional)
Input Power 10 VA max.

1 x programmable multi-functional (pulse, status), isolated (relay, load 125 V -/1A or 30V/2A)

1 x programmable multi-functional (pulse, status), isolated (transistor NPN, load 30V/50mA max.)

1x programmable active current (0-20mA / 4-20mA, load ≤500) Ω

1x RS232

Class of Protection IP67: sensor (IP68 optional); IP65: convertor (IP67 optional)
Standards EN ISO 6817:1997 (BS5792)
Communication Options Modbus RS232 protocol (standard); Remote data via SMS text messaging (standard); Modbus RS485 protocol (optional); HART communication protocol (optional); M-Bus protocol (optional)
ANSI Dimensions (Inches) 23.62 x 29.5 x 27.5 (L x H x D)
Weight (lbs.) 392.42



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