• Handheld Control Panel HCP 2.0


Handheld Control Panel HCP 2.0




Options like the Handheld Control Panel HCP 2.0 allow for complete utilization of the AC Drive.

The HCP 2.0 is a handheld control panel with full functionality. Easy to connect to the AC drive for temporary use during e.g. commissioning and service. The HCP 2.0 enables setting of parameters and viewing of actual values and fault logger. It also offers the possibility to copy parameter data from one AC drive to other AC drives. HCP 2.0 comes complete with cable. HCP 2.0 is compatible with IP54 Emotron FDU and VFX AC Drives. Part no. 01-5039-00


NOTE: If being purchased in conjunction with an AC Drive, this option - and other options for Emotron AC Drives - is also available from a menu directly on each AC Drive product page.



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