• LevelSmart Wireless Autofill
  • LevelSmart Wireless Autofill
  • LevelSmart Wireless Autofill
  • LevelSmart Wireless Autofill
  • LevelSmart Wireless Autofill
  • LevelSmart Wireless Autofill

H2flow Controls, Inc.

LevelSmart Wireless Autofill




Level-Up Your Pool Game... with the LevelSmart Wireless Autofill from H2flow Controls.

The LevelSmart wireless autofill system is an innovative device designed to help homeowners, property managers, builders and maintenance companies with the challenges of maintaining water levels in pools, spas, ponds, water features, and tanks.

LevelSmart™ eliminates the chore of filling your pool manually and the risk of over-filling it. With 24-hour-per-day wireless monitoring, LevelSmart™ will automatically maintains the desired water level in any body of water.



Key Features

  • Eliminates manual filling with a hose
  • Eliminates unreliable float level controllers
  • No pool deck damage or construction required
  • Built-in protection against overfilling
  • Simple installation
  • Up to 1,000 ft. of wireless communication
  • Installs to new or existing applications
  • Optional online monitoring and alerts available
  • Precision water adjustment
  • Discrete wireless sensor
  • No autofill maintenance after installation


    Key Benefits


    • Eliminates manual work of filling the pool
    • Prevents tripping over hoses and increases overall pool safety
    • Retrofits to any pool without construction
    • Saves the pool pump from running dry and burning out
    • Reduces water and energy consumption
    • Keeps your pool full and ready to use at all times




      Environmental Factory-sealed batteries and electronics
      Valve 24VAC valve
      Max Operating Temp 130°F / 54°C
      Min Operating Temp 40°F / 4°C
      Monitoring Cycles 7-minutes per 30 minutes
      Communication 1,000 ft. max. of 433 MHz interference free, radio communication
      Dimensions Valve Controller (HxW): 3" x 3" (7.6cm x 7.6cm); total width 4.07" (10.34cm), screw holes 3.55" (9cm) center-to-center
      Level Sensor (HxW): 2.85" x 2.9" (7.24cm x 7.37cm)
      Valve (HxWxL): 5" x 4.5" x 2.5" (13cm x 11cm x 6cm)
      Valve Controller Cables: 24VAC Power Cable, 55" (140cm); 24VAC Control Cable, 55" (140cm)



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