• Shaft Power Monitor, 1 x 100-240V - M20 01-2520-20


Shaft Power Monitor, 1 x 100-240V - M20 01-2520-20




The Emotron M20 offers reliable, repeatable results for monitoring and protecting machines and processes against abnormal conditions. The M20 reduces overall maintenance costs by monitoring motor power to eliminate potentially hazardous conditions. With over 500,000 units installed worldwide, it's easy to see why the M20 is the world's most trusted motor monitoring solution.


  • Unique shaft power calculation
  • Fast and accurate detection by using the motor as a sensor
  • Increased reliability
  • No sensors or extra cabling
  • Single phase current measurement, CTM current transducer option available
  • Voltage range: 3 x 100-690V and 1 x 100-240V (see appropriate models)
  • Current range: 0.4 - 999A

Low cost installation and zero maintenance

Using the motor as a sensor eliminates the need for external sensors and extra cabling, and no holes need to be made in pipes. The result is increased reliability and reduced investment, installation, and maintenance costs.

Shaft Power Monitoring vs. the competition

Unlike Amp / Current monitors, the M20 Shaft Power Monitor reliably protects motor driven equipment from abnormal process conditions such as pump dry run or jamming of a conveyor. In addition to providing inexpensive overload and underload protection, the M20 also provides process optimization and load control capability. Typical applications include conveyor monitoring, pump monitoring, and grinder monitoring.

The M20 achieves accurate and repeatable results by using a patented algorithm to achieve true shaft horsepower, which enables the M20 to provide protection against conditions such as:

  • Overload
  • Jams
  • Loss of load
  • Misplaced parts

Typical installations include:

  Pumps Clarifiers
Fans Agitators
Conveyors Blenders
Mixers Grain Legs
Mills Air Locks
Bar Screens Grit Collectors




    Product Series/Model # 01-2520-20
    Input Voltage 1 x 100-240V
    Rated Current Up to 999A via current transformer
    Enclosure Rating NEMA 0 / IP20
    Weight (lbs.) 0.7
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.6 x 1.8 x 4.5 in.
    Approvals CE, UL, cUL




    A number of options let you customize the Emotron M20 functionality and fully utilize the product according to your needs. Options can be added to your shopping cart at the top of this page.


    CTM Current TransducerCTM Current Transducer
     - One CTM Current Transducer is required for each M20 Shaft Power Monitor. Models are available for applications up to 999A. 


    Front Panel Mount Kit
     - Option for installing the M20 Shaft Power Monitor in the face of a panel.


    MCC Panel Kit
     - Option for installing the M20 Shaft Power Monitor in the face of a panel. Ideal for installations where the interior of a panel does not offer sufficient space for an M20 installation.


    NEMA 4X Enclosure
     - Option typically used when there is insufficient space within the motor starter panel to house the M20 or when the unit is to be mounted at or near the monitored application.



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